Sign up and schedule your installation and training

The Aperture platform was designed for speed and simplicity. After signing up, just choose where to place the 20x20x10 ‘Photo Factory,’ and we’ll do the rest. Installation, set up, and training are typically completed within two days, leaving you with a scalable solution for all your product photography needs in less than the time it takes to schedule and set up a single photoshoot.


Use the guides to place and position your product

Choose your template and settings, follow the simple guides to place and position your home furnishing item in the studio, and let the built-in and automated controls do the rest. The preconfigured or customized templates guide you through capturing the perfect product photos, shoot after shoot.

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Start a smart capture sequence at the press of a button

Aperture represents the perfect blend of art and science. We’ve taken our experience producing thousands of home furnishing visuals and combined it with sophisticated imaging hardware and advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms and models. The result is an automated and guided process that allows you to capture the raw product  at multiple angles and lighting configurations that can be manipulated and output in an infinite variety of ways.


Perfect the visual using our smart, intuitive web-based software

The software’s user-friendly interface and controls make it possible for any team member to manipulate the images and create an infinite number of picture-perfect versions with different lighting, shadows, and backgrounds — all at the touch of a few buttons and without time-consuming reshoots.

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Create and publish infinite variations across any channel

Marketing and sales operate at their own accelerated speed. Aperture’s robust export templates and controls allow you to keep up with the demand for images in any size, aspect ratio or format, and tell a fresh visual story that increases sell-through across your e-commerce store, physical showrooms, catalogs, partner websites, traditional and digital advertising, and in-person sales.

Ready to start producing stunning product visuals on your schedule and budget?

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