Nearly 170 Companies Sign On for Outward’s Aperture Platform

May 9, 2022

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Outward, Inc., an independent Williams-Sonoma, Inc. company and pioneer in visual technology solutions for the home furnishings industry, has already attracted 170 retailers and manufacturers for its Aperture Platform.

“The Aperture Platform has been gaining traction in all areas of the country since it was launched last fall,” said Gaurav Sethi, co-founder of Outward, Inc. “The fact that the queue is already this big speaks to how much Aperture is resonating and how unique this platform really is. For the first time, retailers and manufacturers are finding they can take control of their own imagery in ways that were not possible before.”

The Aperture Platform is the world’s first and only real-time automated photography system, which utilizes modern artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to enable a self-driven, autonomous system that replaces traditional methods of product photography. Equipped with a cutting-edge, robotic camera system, sensors, LED lighting and a computer workstation, Aperture features Outward’s proprietary Capture Rig and Content Manager web application. With a 400-square-foot footprint, the comprehensive unit utilizes automatic masking, with AI-based intuitive shadow and lighting tools to help create the perfect shot, time after time, without the hassle of traditional photo shoots and time-consuming post-production workflows, and without any compromise in creative flexibility.

Aperture Platform is the visual merchandising platform that automates the product photography process so that now your path from photo to market to profit is as simple as capture, create, conquer.