What’s New in Aperture v1.5.1

May 16, 2022


Batch Processing

Users now have the ability to apply templates to batches of images at one time. 

  1. From the main ACM gallery page click the “select” button located near the top right corner of your window.
  2. Select the multiple SKUs that you would like to batch process then click “Apply Template” located at the bottom center of your window.
  3. Next click through the list of SKUs and make selections for the captures you would like to apply a template to.
  4. Once your selections have been made click the “Next: Select Template” button located near the bottom right corner of your window and choose your desired template.
  5. Lastly click the “Create Images” button located near the bottom right corner of your window. View the status of your batch process by clicking the bell icon near the top right corner of your window.

Shadow Vignette

Users now have the ability to add a vignette fade to the edges of their photo shadow when editing it in draw mode. This helps to soften hard edges where the shadow meets the boundaries of the rig. In photo shadow mode click “edit this shadow in draw mode” then choose vignette and adjust the slider to your desired look.

New Backgrounds

We have added a new environmental background that can be utilized to elevate your product photos. In the “Create Scene” tab choose a background that suits your product and the correct perspective will be automatically applied.

What We Fixed

  • Fixed the main gallery page thumbnails so that they show the first capture instead of the last
  • Fixed thumbnail images loading improperly on the backgrounds tab of the Create Scene step
  • Fixed a bug in which the default template was not automatically applied in the create scene mode
  • Updated messaging in the “expired link” dialogue box for users who have already created an account making login instructions more clear