Stand out in the crowd

Aperture Platform elevates e-commerce and print product photography

Aperture Platform puts you in control of one of the most important success drivers for your business—your product images.

Be your own lifestyle brand

Flexibility that translates to sales

Now anyone on your team can take a pro photo, customize it to fit your brand, then publish in any format to sell in any channel. Or, customize generic manufacturer shots without the cost of reshooting.


Go from photo to market fast with the consistent images that turn your product page into a sales driver.


Create variations with backgrounds and lighting, present more images, and motivate more consumers to click “add to cart” with confidence.


Safeguard against lost sales due to consumer cross-shopping with distinctive and consistent digital product content.


Show your customers exactly what you have in inventory so what they see is what they can buy. Instead of using the manufacturer photo of a chair in orange, you can show the khaki version you have in stock.


Save time and energy— there’s no extra work to curate images that feed hungry social channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and others.

Network to fuel faster growth

Aperture Platform creates connections between retailers and manufacturers. Manufacturers who use Aperture Platform can connect you with their image library so you can download the ones you want in seconds. This saves you time so you can go to market fast with a sale or meet an aggressive ad deadline.

We also offer a subscription service that enables you to customize those manufacturer photos with the backgrounds and lighting that match your brand.

Pivot to succeed

despite external forces

From ships stuck in the Suez Canal to a global pandemic, supply chain issues are the bane of any retailer’s existence. Aperture Platform equips you to pivot.

Instead of waiting for pieces that are months away from shipping, you can showcase and move the inventory you have. And when your delivery does arrive, you can photograph and be in market fast — without rush fees for a photo shoot.

Then there’s the COVID-19 factor. Lockdowns and social distancing drove e-commerce penetration to levels that had been expected to take years. Consumers have become comfortable buying furniture online — even big-ticket items without sitting on them first.

This sea change in buying patterns makes it essential to create an abundance of e-commerce product content. Aperture Platform makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective for you to do just that.

Automate your product photography: Aperture Platform makes it possible.

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