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Aperture Platform makes doing business easier for you

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Aperture Platform unlocks possibility

All the power, none of the hassle

Capture 100% of your product line

Creates the ability to showcase more than a few sample pieces. The more choices your dealers have, the more revenue-growing opportunities you gain.

Configure different environments, lighting, and camera perspectives

Reflects your dealers and their customers, market, and location. Now you can show that great sofa against a beachy scene or a desert background — and so much more.

Meet customer demand for file formats

Frees you and your team to focus on doing what you do best — crafting home furnishings — instead of fielding dealer requests and versioning photo files.

Stay on trend

Makes it easy to adapt your product line to keep pace with changing design styles.

Whether the style is for front or angled views, silos or grouped settings, backgrounds (or not), or seasonal color preferences, you can do it with Aperture Platform.

Market through multiple channels

Tells the visual story that increases dealer sell-through. Now it’s easy to showcase your products in trade magazines, sales materials for reps, catalogs, and more.

Leverage real-time data with a custom dashboard

Shows you how your retail partners are engaging with your content and what photos are performing best, so you can refine your product development strategy.

Expand your sales ecosystem

Aperture Platform equips you to deliver added value to current dealers and create new relationships.

Give your dealers access to your cloud-based image library and they can self-serve by downloading the photos they want — a time-saving convenience for you both. They also can sign up for our subscription service to personalize the photos to match their brand.

Plus, the Aperture Platform marketplace creates an ecosystem that drives sales. You can discover and connect with new dealers — and they can discover and connect with you.

Automate your product photography: Aperture Platform makes it possible.

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