Visual merchandising is now...

your competitive advantage

Aperture Platform is the visual merchandising platform that automates the product photography process so that now your path from photo to market to profit is as simple as capture, create, conquer.


Visual Merchandising

complex made simple

Place your product, press a button

Capture the perfect shot every time

Life-size Lightbox: we bring the product photography studio to you.


Setup: all you need is a power outlet and Wi-Fi. We’ve automated the rest of the process!


Lighting: the perfect lighting and white background is built into Aperture Platform.



Visual Merchandising

Intelligent post-production

One shot, multiple outputs

Create a custom look

Choose the AI-perfected photo as captured. Or, create individual product silhouettes, elevated shots, and shots with custom backgrounds.

Built-in automatic background remover and intuitive shadow and masking tools make it a snap to customize your product images. No Photoshop or design skills required!

Generate as many formats as you want to match the file type, size, and resolution you need. Aperture has native support for JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD with a maximum output size of 4k resolution.


Visual Merchandising


Market and sell like never before

Conquer in every channel — traditional and e-commerce

Aperture Platform gives you ready-to-publish e-commerce photography shots, plus optimal formats for traditional print and TV advertising. Now you can go from shoot to market fast.

All your product images are organized in the secure Outward cloud so anyone in your organization can easily grab the photo they need, and edit for any variety of needs.

Catalyze your product images to master omnichannel commerce.

Turn your website into an e-commerce platform that drives “add to cart” results.

Manage inventory with targeted promotions across all your marketing channels.

Photograph. Sell. Repeat.

Aperture Platform makes it possible

We’re continually innovating and enhancing Aperture Platform to keep you on the cutting edge of visual merchandising — at no extra cost to you. Just like when your smartphone rolls out cool features, you get instant access to every new tool and feature we add to Aperture Platform.

Automate your product photography: Aperture Platform makes it possible.

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